My indicator switch won't stay up - can you supply a new one?

All Rootes models are prone to "floppy" indicator switches. This is due to a plastic "bridge" which softens or breaks with age. Complete new switches are very rare (and expensive), but we can supply a repair kit, consisting of a new bridge and rivet. (Ref EL5.)

Water is dripping out of the bell housing - why?

This, again, is a common problem. There is a core plug at the rear of the block, hidden behind the flywheel. This is often overlooked, even when other core plugs have been replaced. Unfortunately, the only remedy is to remove the gearbox, clutch and flywheel (or even the complete engine) and fit a new coreplug. Coreplug sets are in stock. (Ref SE19.)

Can you supply a new rev-counter? Mine is reading 4000 R.P.M. at idle.

No need for a new one! Many have an inaccurate rev-counter, a problem which can be easily remedied. Remove the unit from the dashboard and take out the bulb holder at the rear. A slotted white or yellow plastic disc is visible inside the unit. Attach the rev-counter and an accurate test meter to the car and slowly rotate the disc until the rev-counter indicates accurately throughout the rev. range.

Can you tell me why my Alpine constantly smells of petrol? I have checked thoroughly for a leak.

Alpine series 3 - 5 and Tigers have twin petrol tanks, joined by metal pipes and rubber hoses, inside the rear valance. It is worth checking these periodically by removing the inner trim panels. In addition, there is also a small breather pipe which runs from the top of the R.H. tank, through the rear scuttle (below the boot hinges), to the top of the L.H. tank. This pipe is well hidden and often splits, giving rise to fumes which spread into the car. Removal of the boot side trims is necessary to facilitate its replacement.

I can't find any information about the type or quantity of oil to use in my car's manual gearbox.

Use approximately 2 litres of 20/50 engine oil. If you use gear oil, you could experience slow or slipping overdrive.

Miscellanea and Hotter Tips

Rear axle whine/noise? Fit a brand new differential.

Rotten windscreen frame on Alpine 3 - 5 We usually have rust free U.S.A. frames in stock.

Why not replace that split dash top while the frame is out? New moulded tops are available.

We stock new wire wheel hubs.

Inlet and exhaust valve clearances (when hot): Inlet 0.012" Exhaust 0.014" For more detailed information, check out our Rootes Workshop Manual reprints.

Lighten up!! The back of Alpine and Tiger headlights and front sidelights are open to everything the front wheels can throw at them. To overcome this we sell plastic headlamp bowl kits (Part EL16) which are virtually indestructible, and our new sidelight bases (Series 4,5 and Tiger - Part F30) are made of a brass based mixture, less susceptible to corrosion. On top of this, for vastly improved lighting, try our Halogen Conversion Kit (Part F71a).

If you have any questions, or require advice. Please e-mail us. Popular enquiries will be placed in the Question and Answer section at the head of this page.

Sun Visors and Fittings are very rare and Windscreens are often scratched: We can supply new laminated tinted and top-tinted windscreens - usually from stock. Please contact us for current prices.

We are proud of the quality of our soft tops: We are often asked about the different materials available. Basically, for ease of use and general practicability, we use ICI Vinyde, but, if you want superb looks, you can't beat canvas/double duck. Don't forget - we can offer a full fitting service.

Quick Tip: If you find your Alpine slow to turn over, try starting the engine with your foot OFF the clutch pedal - it makes a big difference!