Fastback and Hunter - New Items and Offers


New items - Hunter & H120 - prices include Vat


FBSU6a Droplink washer outer (8 per car) 0.65 each

FBSU6b Droplink washer inner (8 per car) 0.65 each

MF39a small chrome headed bolts for number plate 2.16 each

MF37a Courtesy light screw & seal 4.02 each

FBH1a O ring for heater control valve 0.97 each

PFB56 Rear lamp unit L782 type 48.38

PFB57 Rear Amber flasher lens L782 7.74

PNF58 Rear Red stop/tail light L782 15.48

FBF11 Carpets available man made material 176.51

Fine quality wool 322.22

Premier quality wool 398.96

All colours

CAR001 Carburettor needle valve assembly 1.75 mm single carb 27.00

CAR002 Carburettor needle valve assembly 1.50 mm Twin carb 27.00

CAR003 Carburretor gasket packs please phone with carb info for quote

CAR004 Carb adjusting tool CD type carbs with top hexagonal shaft

Up to 1977 8.10

FBCL2b Clutch bearing GLS roller brg type 30.96

OSS001 Overdrive selector switch 30.60

OVD001 Overdrive solenoid J type 63.00

MSE124 Tappet adjusting screw all 2.90 each

MSE125 Tappet adjusting nut - all 0.65 each

RAD001 Brass radiator drain tap late 2.90 each

RAD002 Brass radiator drain tap early 4.84 each

FBE008 Exhaust tailpipe hanging strap 4.05

FBF25a Ignition starter switch 21.60

FBF26 Oil pressure switch 16.20



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