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Alpine Catalogue – New items – Vat inclusive prices


SE10b Air filter – Weber carb £33.54

SE12a Timing chain tensioner & blade (part of SE12) £8.10

SE12b Timing cover gasket (part of SE12) £3.38

SE20c Alp S2-5 Water pump ohal kit brg & seal £52.20

SE20F Water pump repair kit Alp S 1 brg & seal £52.20

SE12c Timing chain tensioner pivot pin £8.70

SE12e Timing chain (part of SE12) £14.40

SE33g Zenith economy carb diaphragm Alp S1-3 £17.10 each

SE45a Choke cable to carb securing clip £2.70 each

SE47b Temmperature sender unit S1-2 £24.30

SE50b Stromberg carb damper assembly SV £17.10

SE100b Camshaft D washer & Tabwasher – Pr £9.00

SE106 Reconditioned con rod - £27.00 each

SE108 Oil thrower £4.94

SE110 Valve cotters Ally Head £3.14

SPE005 Speedo pinion bearing non overdrive £13.50

STE001 Valve stem seals pkt 8 £2.58

MSE119 Rocker shaft carrier - All £15.30

MSE120 Tappet cover – non vented £28.80

MSE124 Tappet adjusting screw – all £2.90 each

MSE125 Tappet adjusting nut –all £0.65 each

CA 5 Accelerator pedal return spring Zenith carb £10.80

CH7 Cylinder head bolts £4.03 each

GB14 Gear box top cover closing plate, rubber dust cover £7.20

GB18 Gearbox drain plug £4.50

GB19 Gearbox rear cover bush S5 £9.00

EL3c Set starter motor bushes £8.10

EL13 Starter motor pinion & barrel assembly £22.50

EL13a Bendix spring £6.30

EL17 Headlamp dip switch Alp 1-2 £32.34

EL23 Dipswitch – floor mounted £32.40

EL24 Toggle switches – single on/off £18.90

EL24a Toggle switches – double on/on/off £31.00

F41b No plate lights chrome/ mount on bumper – 2 per car £51.60 each

F43a Bumper to chassis bolts £1.61 each

F104a Wiper jet grommets – pair £10.75

F104b Wiper jet nozzle – each £9.22

F130 Door check strap £14.12 each

F141 Hood tension rods - pair £45.15

F142 Spigots & nuts for tension rods – pair £36.12

F143 Pair springs for tension rods £12.90

G7 Engine support gasket £2.70

GB1A Gearbox mounts Alpine 1-2 £27.09 each

H14 Heater hose grommets each £4.26

B15d Alp S2 Rear wheel cylinder fitting kit (carset) £15.48

PA 5 Touch up stick – All Rootes colours £7.09 40ml

PA 6 400ml Touch up can £8.95

RAD001 Brass radiator drain tap late £6.30 each

RAD002 Brass radiator drain tap early £4.84 each

ME16 Exhaust flange nut 3/8" unf £1.93 each Alp S3

ME16a Exhaust flange nut 5/16" unf £1.93 each

ME17 Exhaust stud 3/8" unf £1.70 each Alp S3

ME17a Exhaust stud 5/16" unf £1.70 each

RU3a A post seal only £6.86 per side

RU3 A post seal with steel insert £13.26 each side

SU30b Anti roll bar bush S1-2 £4.08 each

SU36B Oil seal – steering column bush £0.90

SU44 Centre track rod £135.00

HEA001 Heater control cable £25.20

REV002 rev counter cable £25.20

WHV002 Water heater valve Alp 1-4 & Tiger £30.00 incl seal

SYN001 Gearbox synchro rings £11.70 each

BRA001 Set number plate brackets £56.25

F36d Split back seat cover Alpine S4 and Tiger £135.00 each

F11T Tiger black carpet set £198.00 please add 15% for colours

Exhaust cotton reels £4.05 each

Please ring for price and availability of 3 part clutch all cars

New Panels available:

P34a rear valance sides only £138.00 per side

P39b Boot floor complete £307.00

P39c Boot floor rear corners £34.80 per side

P41 Boot floor chassis panel £121.50





      Price: £59.34 per set of four incl. v.a.t.

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We reserve the right to change prices and specifications without notice.